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New Treatment !

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions  

We are super excited to be begin offering semi-permanent eyelash extensions with Natasha, these will usually be £40 and around a 1.5hr appointment. 

At the moment Natasha is working on her speed and getting them up to the fullest set possible. So we are offering a 2hr app for just £20. As many lashes as possible will be applied in this time.  An infill app is currently 1.5hr at just £15. Please note we cannot infill or remove work from other salons. 

All available on the online booking system now!

Book online here or call us on 0161 637 3130

Perfect full lashes are a super skill that takes time and patience to master, please bear in mind you will leave with a more natural set whilst working on timings and skills at this special offer price. 

Keep up with Natashas progress and most recent work on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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New treatments with Liv 

Liv is doing amazingly well ! We have had nothing but great comments with every treatment she offers, more and more training each week means we can offer you the chance to book in at great half price deals each week, available online to Book Now!

Tuesday 14th May - Sat 18th May Half price  Facial Waxing, any area from £3 or full face £11

Tuesday 21st May - Sat 25th May Half price Cluster Lashes just £8

All available on the online booking system now!

Book online here or call us on 0161 637 3130

After the half price weeks we are continuing with 25% discount on treatments with Liv for a limited time, reduced to 15% discount after a couple more months and gaining more experience.  Facials have stayed at 25% discount for the duration and are now due to be charged full price from 10th June. Ask for Liv by name when booking over the phone or go to the ‘Apprentice Treatments with Liv’ section on the online booking app. 

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New Treatment ! 

Hard Gel Nail Extensions 

 20% Discount in May with Natasha 

We have offered gel extensions for a while but only with Sasha as it was her preferred system of choice. Now she has finished for maternity leave we decided it's time for us all to be able to offer the great benefits of hard gel.

Pop in anytime to book, call us on 0161 637 3130, book online here 

Why hard gel? What’s the difference ?

Hard gel refers to the to fact that it won’t soak in acetone, it’s a file off only product, more resilient to chemicals and water. (still don’t forget those washing up gloves!) 

It’s much lighter feeling on the nails and more natural than acrylic, a little bit thinner and much more flexible. 

It can be a perfect match for those with thinner more flexible natural nails as the two will move together at a slight knock or bang, rather than one flex and one not so much, resulting in lifting and cracks. 

If you suffer from consistent lifting with acrylic then you definitely need to give gel extensions a go 


What our customers are saying

Liv is a natural you'd think she'd been doing them for ages (Eve Taylor Facials). Her people skills are also good. She introduced herself asked questions and ensured I completed the questionnaire card. Very satisfied customer. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Janice -  Salon client